Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is a key role in current business world and it is necessary to internal & external parties to taking their decisions. It doesn’t matter you keep record either computerised or manual.

Business Consultancy services

Our business consultancy service allows you to get one-on-one coaching and training in the relevant areas in your business.

Business Development Planning

We are carrying out the SWOT analysis and preparing operational planning and strategic planning to achieve your targets.

Business promotional services

We offered services such as Organizing marketing campaigns, Pricing, Promotional preparation and Merchandising.

Business Research

Research contributes greatly to the success of a business, and your enterprise is unlikely to achieve its full potential of business growth efficiency and profitability without it.

Business Support Service

We provide solutions to your business operation ranging from the management of the different aspects of your organisation, to provide you with the human resource that you need.

Other Business Services

CRS supports to well manage the limited business resources in efficient and effective way. Some of services can be noted as,

  • Monitoring and evaluating business performance
  • Advisory service for cash flow management
  • Arrangement of Marketing propaganda and handling the seasonal promotion campaign on retail
  • Communicating the internal and external feedback

With your corporate objectives broken down and worked on one at a time, you can achieve a collective success in your business management, to attain your ultimate goal. We address your business aspect individually, and then a holistic development that lead to sustainability and efficient functionality.

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